Living As Yourself!

The Ultimate Tool for Self-Awakening

Living As Yourself!

The Ultimate Tool for Self-Awakening


What Is Human Design?

There may be as many answers as there are people you ask.

In my condensed version, the Human Design System maps the intelligence and energy of your form, unconscious to you but supraconscious of itself. It also maps individual personality traits and gifts through which we see ourselves living our lives. Combined, we see your unique map, called a body graph. In a sense, it is your operating system.

Through the analysis of your body graph, we provide helpful tools and recommendations you can use to align with yourself. Over time, by living and practicing with this information, people report stability of feeling at home in their own skin and a sense of self-acceptance they thought impossible. Many experience improved health, improved communication by accepting our uniqueness, and a clearer awareness of life.

Through living your design, authenticity emerges, and you gain a unique perspective by which to describe your experience of the Human Design journey. I look forward to hearing about it!

Foundation Analysis Reading

Your human design journey starts here, a detailed personal analysis of your Human Design body graph.


I was profoundly moved when I found out about the Human Design System in April 2009. I was very enthusiastic and had my foundation reading in the first week. I remember asking, “How do I become an analyst and teacher?” Little did I realize, seven years later with a tremendous amount of work and study, it would come true.

I offer a broad range of Human Design services, including Foundation Readings, Living Your Design guidance and teaching, Connection Chart Analysis, Incarnation Cross and Cycles Analysis, group facilitation, and individual coaching.


  • Individual Foundation Analyst

  • Partnership Analyst

  • Incarnation Cross Analyst

  • Life Cycles Analyst

  • Living Design Guide

  • Human Design America LYD Teacher

  • Group Facilitator

If you would like to find out what Human Design can do for you, I would love to be of service. We can experience the enjoyment of living as ourselves!

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Carl is simply one of the very best analysts I have trained. He is conscientious and thorough, while bringing synthesis to his readings that is compassionate and helpful. Carl lives his design in a radical way and has for many years. His direct experience living as himself communicates the essence of Human Design wisdom and guidance immediately. Readings with Carl are direct, reassuring and insightful and are an excellent way to begin your Human Design Journey of awakening to yourself.

Genoa Bliven
Director - Human Design America

Through various readings he's done for me, I've seen how Carl has the skills to plumb the depths of virtually any human design. He's helped me to understand, in great detail, how my own unique design functions at its optimal level. How to deal most effectively with emotions and what my greatest gifts are to others and to the world. I recommend him most highly.

Steve Pollack
NVC Mediation Coach - Miami, Florida

I have watched Carl over the years pour himself into his study of Human Design with such determination. What he discovered saved his own life and eliminated the bitterness from his past. Carl test things out first before sharing with others and then applies it to himself. Because he lives it on a daily basis, it makes him a great educator, coach and analyst.

David Jay
Massage Therapist/Life Coach - Kauai, Hawaii