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What is Human Design?


There may be as many answers as there are people you ask. 

 In my condensed version, the Human Design System maps the intelligence and energy of your form, unconscious to you but supra-conscious of itself. It also maps individual personality traits through which we see ourselves living our lives. Combined, we see your unique map, called a Body Graph. In a sense it is your your operating system.  

 Through analysis of your body graph, We provide helpful tools and recommendations you can use to align with yourself. Over time, by living and practicing with this information, people report a stability of feeling at home in their own skin and a sense of self acceptance they thought impossible. Many experience improved health, improved communication by accepting our uniqueness and a clearer awareness of life.

 Through living your design, authenticity emerges and you gain a unique perspective by which to describe your experience of the Human Design journey. I look forward to hearing about it!

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