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What People Are Saying

 Carl is simply one of the very best analysts I have trained. He is conscientious and thorough, while bringing synthesis to his readings that is compassionate and helpful. Carl lives his design in a radical way and has for many years. His direct experience living as himself communicates the essence of Human Design wisdom and guidance immediately. Readings with Carl are direct, reassuring and insightful and are an excellent way to begin your Human Design Journey of awakening to yourself.

--Genoa Bliven

Director ​Human Design America

 Through various readings he's done for me, I've seen how Carl has the skills to plumb the depths of virtually any human design. He's helped me to understand, in great detail, how my own unique design functions at it's optimal level. How to deal most effectively with emotions and what my greatest gifts are to others and to the world. I recommend him most highly.
--Steve Pollack
NVC mediation coach -Miami, Florida 


I have watched Carl over the years pour himself into his study of Human Design with such determination.  What he discovered saved his own life and eliminated the bitterness from his past. Carl test things out first before sharing with others and then applies it to himself.  Because he lives it on a daily basis, it makes him a great educator, coach and analyst.
--David Jay
Massage Therapist/Life Coach- Kauai,Hawaii 


I experience Carl to be compassionate with his kind and direct caring.
His naturalness and sharp sense of humor puts me at ease.
What a pleasure it is to witness his crisp intelligence thru his skillful chart reading.

--Cheendana Martin

Avalon Gardens- Yoga,Herbal and Learning Center-Nova Scotia,Can

 You may not find a more dedicated Human Design analyst than Carl Johnson. I knew Carl when he was first introduced to HD and I have never seen anyone take to it and embrace it so deeply.  I believe part of what contributes to his mastery as a teacher and HD analyst is that he truly lives his design.  
--David O'quinn
Kauai Massage And Intuitive Services, Hawaii